.Net Interview questions

This morning a colleague of mine asked me for a list of questions to prepare for a .Net technical interview.

I thought it would be useful to share this list with everyone.

A) Developer


1) OO

  • Explain principles of Object Orientation?
  • Can you use abstract classes in place of Inheritance ? What are the differences between these two concepts?
  • Explain polymorphism and write an example in code (C#).

2) Patterns

  • What are Patterns?
  • List some patterns you’ve already used.
  • Explicit one pattern by writing a small example.
  • Explain following patterns: Repository, Factory, Root Aggregate.

3) UML

  • What are the most useful UML diagrams? (list & explain at least 5) .

4) Net & C#

  • What is .Net? (Managed Code - CLR - Runtime) ?
  • Explain concepts as JIT, CLR, GAC, GC?
  • Explain series of processing steps an ASP.NET page goes through (= page lifecycle of ASP.NET) ?
  • Explain following c# keywords: Static, ReadOnly, Const?
  • What is: a Webservice,WCF, WPF, Silverlight and how do these technologies/concepts relate to each other?

5) DB

  • Write simple query that joins 2 tables via a 1-to-N relation that contains a filter and a group by clause.
  • Explain what is a Transaction.
  • What are the properties of a transaction (-> ACID)
  • Explain concepts as Primary Key & Clustered Index and how these concepts relates?
  • Is a GUID a good Clustered index, explain why?


B) Architect

  • List and explains the Enterprise Integration patterns, provide advantage/inconvenient for each of them? ->(Primary integration patterns: Database, WebServices, Messaging)
  • What are non functional requirements, provide some examples (e.g. Accessibility, Availability, Security…)?
  • Explain concept Authentication/Authorization how does these concept relates?
  • What is Asynchronous Messaging - what type of infra do you need to set it up?
  • Explain – what is an ESB?
  • What is SOA & list and explain SOA Tenets?


C) Senior Developer / Team Lead

  • What is IOC - What is the Goal - which frameworks do you know?
  • Explain what are Unit tests and Integration tests, what differentiate these two types of tests?
  • Provide a small list of programming practices that you would enforce/setup in your dev team?
  • What is Waterfall/Prince2/RUP/Agile/XP/Scrum - how does these concepts relates ?
  • What is DDD?




Some other useful/funny resources: