Continous delivery can't be bought in a box!

Continuous delivery is the ability to get changes into production safely and quickly in a sustainable way. 
It’s not only about deploying code in production but it’s about bringing all type of changes that helps to deliver value faster. This includes all types of IT infrastructure changes, software configuration changes, deploying data and schema migrations, …
It is a capability an enterprise need to develop and learn. Because it’s based on new paradigms that demands deep organizational changes, it’s not something an enterprise can acquire in a box but it need to develop it through a change journey.

It took Amazon or Facebook years to change their organization and architecture so that they could be sustainable by delivering faster. It can demand tremendous efforts and changes to the culture and architecture. 
Like any big change in an organization it’s not linear, how you will achieve the goal is largely unpredictable. Therefore like any change in the enterprise, it need to be carefully managed to ensure that current operations are not adversely affected.

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